The Japanese School

The Japanese School Singapore

(シンガポール日本人学校 Shingapōru Nihonjin Gakkō) 

covering elementary and secondary school levels. There are two separate

elementary campuses in Clementi and Changi, while secondary school division is located in West Coast.


学校指定の体操服ですが、値上げをしないための企業努力を10年以上にわたり続けてまいりましたが、材料費や人件費などのコスト 増吸収が限界となりました。ついては9月1日より値上げすることになりました。。新しい価格は、ウェブサイトよりご確認ください。皆様のご理解とご協力を いただきますよう、よろしくお願い申し上げます。


Dear Parents
Notice: Price increase of PE Shirts

The Japanese School, General Office

For the past 10 years, the School has been able to maintain the price of the PE shirts thanks to the efforts of the corporate management. However, due to the increment in material and labour costs, it has become inevitable to increase the price from 1st September 2016. Kindly visit our school website for the revised price. Thank you for your kind understanding.